Myanmar keyboard layouts for Linux and Windows

These are Myanmar keyboard layouts for Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems as well as for Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista. They comply with the Unicode Standard, Version 5.1, and the layout design is the same as the Myanmar3 keyboard layout from the Myanmar Unicode and NLP Research Center. The goal is to let you have a simpler and cleaner alternative for writing the Myanmar alphabet than other approaches. No additional programs (eg Keyman, SCIM/KMFL) are necessary to use the layouts.

There are two layouts and only either one can be installed: one for the UK (French, German, etc) keyboard and the other for the US keyboard. If the Enter key of your keyboard is inverted L-shaped, choose the UK version, and if it’s rectangular, choose the US version (see the pictures below). Also, you can switch to the UK or US layout by holding the third level key (eg Right Alt, AltGr). This is especially useful when you want to use shortcuts (eg Ctrl-C) while staying on the Myanmar layout. Naturally, it’s necessary that Unicode Myanmar fonts (such as Mynanmar3, Padauk and Parabaik) are installed in your system beforehand.


The following files are free of charge and come with no warranty.


Keyboard layouts

Last update: 2008-09-09

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